Flex Belt Abdominal Toning System Review: Is the Flex Belt Worth It?

Of all the modern miracles men and women of every age have longed for, there’s one that has always seemed impossible. Everybody wants an easy, effective, reliable way to reduce fat and build muscle in the midsection. Men who for years have gotten by with tailgate food and an occasional gym visit discover they’re flabby, they lack energy, and they’re less desirable to the opposite sex. Women get older – or even more frustratingly, get through a pregnancy – and can’t seem to reverse all the sagging, especially in that bikini-visible skin above and below the navel.

Oh, the most motivated of us work out like crazy – sit-ups and crunches and twisting and cardio – yet nothing seems to really make a huge difference: The belly stays flabby, underdeveloped, unattractive. The wealthier folks among us might consider going in for expensive surgery. But that involves so many risks, and still may not solve the problems in the long term, at least not without follow-up surgeries down the line.


As a result, men and women alike, of all ages and economic circumstances, suffer chronic back problems, inability to sleep well, and overall health deterioration. And it’s all because they’re not getting the critical necessary support from the muscles of the abdomen.

The solution is at hand

But you don’t have to live with a flaccid belly any more. Here is a revolutionary new product that takes care of all of your abdominal issues. (You could even call them answered prayers.) You CAN strengthen the all-important abdominal muscles. You CAN firm up all that flabby flesh, whether caused by a pregnancy or by years of physical neglect. It IS possible to start turning around a score of health problems just by getting your abdominal issues finally under control.

And you CAN accomplish all of this easily, affordably, non invasively and risk free, without surgery and without hours upon hours of sweat-inducing, fruitless workout sessions! Sound too good to be true? Sound like it’s all outside the possibilities of technology?

I’m here to tell you that experience with the Flex Belt will convince you that science may not have any limits at all. The Flex Belt is that effective. It’s that good.

The scientific principle is proven

Since the 18th century, when an electrical current applied to a dead frog’s leg caused it to kick, scientists have known the power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It’s a well known fact that when you apply a current to a muscle, it will contract and hold until the current is turned off. Cheap, flimsy applications of the principle have been around for years.


But it took the makers of the Flex Belt to strengthen the manufacturing and parts such that the FDA would say, “Yes, you may claim that this EMS product gets results.” The Flex Belt is a professional piece of serious equipment that gets the job done! I’d suggest you try it now and let it start working for you.

The Flex Belt is absurdly easy to use

Once you charge up the battery you’re ready to rock‘n’roll. Wrap the belt around you and attach it with velcro. Turn it on and start feeling the volts of energy contract your abdominal muscles in a powerful, regular rhythm. With each jolt you can practically feel yourself getting stronger down there – and your shoulders will start to rise and your back lengthen in response.

What are you doing during all of this? Maybe watching TV, rocking the baby, reading a book. The really ambitious multi-taskers will wear it at work, writing reports or attending teleconferences while the Flex Belt is silently, surely accomplishing its wonderful magic.

But don’t forget, this is not simply a slip-it-on-and-forget-it device. It’s a professional EMS management system. The Flex Belt comes with almost a dozen workout programs and a total of over 100 intensity settings. So if you want to take this really seriously, you can concentrate on shaping and toning in subtle, targeted ways. It’s all up to you. The choice is yours at the spin of a dial.

Maintaining the gel pads is important

These are the most delicate and vulnerable parts of the Flex Belt, though you can extend their usefulness by making sure to slip on the enclosed plastic covers as soon as you’re done using the device. Users have also reported successful protection of the pads by applying isopropyl rubbing alcohol, Windex, or hand sanitizer before covering up the pads.

So there’s a little maintenance to be attended to, and occasional gel pad replacement to be done. Is that a huge obstacle in light of the awesome results available from the Flex Belt? Most people think not.

The long term benefits of Flex Belt are endless

Maybe you’ll Flex Belt your way to a six-pack or maybe you won’t. But you WILL tone up your midsection within a month or two of regular use as directed. And as a direct result, all the physical and psychological benefits you’ve been longing for will follow. You’ll look better. You’ll sleep better. You’ll get out of bed more refreshed, and have more energy to get through the entire day. Your back problems will diminish and maybe even disappear.


And here’s what’s really interesting. After you’ve been using the Flex Belt for a few weeks, when you try sit-ups and crunches, they’ll come much easier. You’ll say to yourself “Well, I’m doing so well, let’s work a little and do even better.” So you’ll get still more sit-ups or crunches going. Or you’ll say to yourself, “I feel so good, I think I’ll call my friend and see if he’s up for a little tennis today.”

It’s truly amazing. Between your stronger midsection and all the extra energy emanating from you, you’ll actually you get more out of traditional workouts and are more motivated to do them. You’ll want to get back onto the basketball court or the golf course and take advantage of that stronger, slimmer, better New You!

So the Flex Belt is actually not a substitute for an active physical life. Incredibly, you’ll find that it will spur you on to more, more enjoyable and more effective exercise and sports participation.

Open the door to a fuller life! A happier, healthier you is within reach. Just reach for the Flex Belt.