Contour Ab Belt Core Sculpting System Review: Does the Ab Belt Really Work?

Contour ab belt works by stimulating your abdominal area; you need to wear it round your stomach, under the clothes you wear. The belt contains a medical device to stimulate and firm up the abdominal muscles. Since this medical device is FDA approved, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy it. As per the claims made by various advertisements, the contour ab belt system can fight the stubborn fat without you having go through the hectic schedule of sit ups and crunches; all you need to do is wrap the belt and push on the button. So, how effective this system really is? Let’s have a look.

Contour ab belt research findings

The Ab Belt provides more for the body. It helps each muscle group work effectively to provide the maximum results desired. The human brain recruits approximately 40% of the muscles fibers, while this belt increases the recruitment factor.


Using this product allows the body to gain more than what the brain alone can allow during the contracting work out process. In other words, the belt increases the muscle activity overall. Using the Contour System will provide targeted zones, which the brain cannot do.

The best finding in product research is using the Ab Belt does not provide fatigue and tiredness. Mental drain and bodily exhaustion is avoided when using this device. Findings also show that the heart is not strained during the use of this product.

What is the technology behind the contour ab belt?

The Ab Belt uses a technology known as EMS, or Electro-Muscle Stimulation. The device generates electrical impulses which trigger a reaction within the muscles. The reaction is a positive, safe change which helps the abdominal muscles to respond appropriately.

EMS is used within the medical industry to promote healing within the body. Health clubs use similar EMS devices to help during training sessions. This type of therapy is also used by sport medicine assistants and in health spa treatments.

How can I get the most out of my sculpt system?

Using the Contour Core System will help you to gain great abs. You will need to commit to eating healthier. You have to make some changes in your life for the better. You cannot eat three gallons of ice cream a day, two bags of chips, and four greasy hamburgers a day. Health is a way of life and this product can assist you in getting the most out of changing your abs.

Light to moderate exercise is encouraged during the program. Then, wearing the Ab Belt at various times will increase the change which occurs in the body. Adding light to moderate exercise will increase your personal metabolism allowing you to lose fat from the body.

The Contour System will allow you to stay away from having to do traditional abdominal exercises. You will not have the pain of getting down on the floor and struggling to do crunches or abdominals. Using this system will allow you to gain 150 contractions in one session! Can you imagine doing 150 floor ab exercises and the effort you would have to exert?

How good are the results?

This method is a great system which helps individuals to gain great abs without the extraneous effort that would normally be involved. Motivation to do the actual crunches is not an issue when using this product.


We give this product a 9.5 out of 10 star review. Although there is a money back guarantee with this product, a small investment is needed to try the product out. The benefits far outweigh the investment. Most individuals can purchase the product and see results by following the program plans.

Individuals who normally would not be able to gain great abs due to medical reasons, have the ability to make a change in their lives! Success stories provide real testimonies of the product’s ability to hold true.

We could not find any published 3rd party clinical studies that could be found about the Contour Ab Belt, but here are some opinions we received from other users:

I felt like Contour met and exceeded my expectations! I really did! It’s really easy to use and they have great customer service.

– Becky

I’m a skeptic but when I received it, I put it on right away and cranked up the resistance. It felt like someone was taking the air out of me. I can feel my abs pulsing!

– Bill

Where to buy?

Along with other ab belts, you can buy this product too from Amazon for good bargain price. Check out whether they have it in stock right now.