Ab Glider Review: Are Results Really as Good as Seen on TV?

When I saw Elisabeth Hasselbeck of “The View” recommending the ab GLIDER on late night TV, it didn’t immediately ring any bells. You know I am not the one who picks up the phone just because a celebrity swears by a product. She certainly looks fantastic, and though I don’t completely agree with her politics, she has always seemed sincere. But it seemed too good to be true that that lightweight, simple machine could do all that she said about it, to improve her looks and her overall health.


Fortunately for me, Elisabeth and the ab GLIDER came onto my radar exactly when I needed it. Because I had just been told by my doctor, in no uncertain terms, that I was going to have to lose weight and tone up, or this 45-year-old father of two was going to lose everything that mattered. For years I’d felt guilty and concerned about my being out of shape. But this time I knew for sure, there would have to be some changes made.

My wife knows me better than anyone, and when she saw me watching the demonstration of this machine she said “I know you need it to be easy. That machine looks easy, and it’s affordable enough. Give it a try.”

Everything changes with the AB GLIDER

Long story short – I ordered the machine, started working with it between 15 and 30 minutes a day. And then did more. My abs felt somewhat tighter without looking much different. Then I dropped an inch of waistline. Then my abs DID start to look a little better. I had more breath, more stamina. I slept better and woke up refreshed.

But it was even better than that. Having that much VISIBLE success motivated me even more. I started following the eating guide tips more closely, and using the ab GLIDER for more complex exercises and longer workouts. I’m here to tell you that the ab GLIDER makes you feel so empowered, and on the right road to health, that you start changing your habits and your lifestyle within days of using it. It literally makes you want to keep using it, and doing better things for your health and your family.

As I give you my impartial review, keep in mind that these are the words of a believer who found the ab GLIDER to be a life changer. And it can be the same thing for you, right now – click here.

It’s no miracle – You get out what you put in

Like they say, “use as directed.” You need to commit to using the machine on a regular basis. Yes, you can get away with only a few minutes a day, but it has to be every day. And to be honest, I did start with just 15 minutes a day, but gradually found I got the best results by working up to a regimen of three to four workouts a week, each between 45 and 60 minutes. The workout DVDs they give you make a lot of sense. Follow them.


Also, you’ll burn some calories, and you can watch how you’re doing on the ab GLIDER’s onboard computer. However, you shouldn’t expect much fat burning unless you do more than just the basics. Yes, the ab GLIDER will make you feel tighter and more supported, no question. And you’ll work up a sweat most likely.

But you’ll still need to bring some regular heavy duty cardio into your routine in order to lose weight along with the tightened abs. (Ms. Hasselbeck is widely known as a runner and athlete, as we learned from her appearances on “Survivor.”) Though keep in mind, as I said, that you feel so much better after using the ab GLIDER for a while, that you get motivated to do more and more.

Finally, it’s important to follow sensible eating habits. You can’t expect great results from the ab GLIDER if you get off the machine and pop in a microwave pizza. The Weight Loss Eating Guide that comes with the machine should be a priority for you if you want to get the most out of your investment (financial and emotional!).

Why Ab Glider works and why it’s the best

Floor situps and crunches aren’t easy. They put undue strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. They generally attack only the upper abs or lower abs only, so the work is almost always partial at best. And if you engage in bad form, which it’s easy to do if you’re down alone on the floor, you can get all the pain without seeing any gain in your abs whatsoever.


The ab GLIDER works because it focuses all of the exercise work onto the abdominals and away from the upper body. The positioning (kneeling on the seat and holding onto the handlebars) is comfortable and safe. Though it weighs under 60 pounds, its steel reinforced frame will support you without danger.

The range of bends and twists and movements is summed up as the “Circular Burn” (that’s the smooth lateral motion) and the “Arc Crunch” (that’s the vertical work on the abs). Suffice it to say that the machine forces you to work all parts of the abdominals so nothing is left out or overemphasized. The balance is truly amazing. You get off the ab GLIDER feeling as if you’ve effortlessly worked out every part of your midsection. It’s the kind of isolation you’d only expect to get with a personal trainer keeping an eye on you.

The workout DVDs ensure that you use the machine properly. They encourage you and spur you on to keep going, and do it right.

And there’s no way you’re going to hurt your neck. No neck or shoulder pain. Not going to happen!

You are crazy if you wait

As I said, for years I felt guilty and fearful because I weighed too much and was out of shape, but just couldn’t get off the couch to do anything about it. Don’t make my mistake. Purchase this machine, along with the workout DVDs, the onboard computer, and the Weight Loss Eating Guide, and start turning your life and health around.

I’m no celebrity. But I’m sold on the ab GLIDER and you should be too. Try it here.